Sunday, August 17, 2008

Boris at Monaco GP

Boris rolled solo two days later at the Monaco GP. Of course he did! So slick!

Boris & Lily? Together Again?

Ah-Em...I'm clearing my throat. Boy does our boy know how to keep us on our toes! Here he is with Lily, aka his ex-girlfriend model Sharlely Kerssenberg, at the Better World Awards in Monaco on May 23rd. Huh??

Well, those of us who have been following Boris lately know the reunion didn't last long. And if you haven't been following along, stay tuned. And take note of the date. Again, here he is with Lily on May 23rd! 3 months later?? He doesn't waste any time!

Boris at the ARAG World Team Cup

This pic is too hot not to include. Check out Mr. Becker taking in the match between Nicolas Kiefer and Simone Bolelli during day four of the ARAG World Team Cup on May 21st in Duesseldorf. Nice shades.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yogi Boris

Here's a random piece. Boris talks yoga and meditation with artistic yoga teacher Bharat Thakur. Nice t-shirt.

More Boris in Monte Carlo

I spoke too soon, if you haven't already clicked on the link, here are the pics:

Boris's Girlfriend?

Ok, I can't give you pics, but check out this X17 story about our man.

I love it when he shows up in U.S. media, but I think they got it wrong when they label the chic in the pic as his girlfriend.

Boris on EPT Monte Carlo Day 3

Um, so I think he did well? I'll let him explain. I apologize, I know nothing about poker.

Boris on EPT Monte Carlo Day 1B

Not sure how he did yet, but let's watch him talk about his poker prowess in his own words. Notice the sexy gum chewing.

Boris at EPT Monte Carlo

Ok, let's try picking this up again. Boris finally made his PokerStars debut at the EPT Monte Carlo on April 13th. Let's stay tuned to see how he fared.