Friday, September 5, 2008

Boris at 46664 Concert

And two days later he attended the 46664 Concert, featuring performers such as Amy Winehouse, Leona Lewis, Simple Minds and Will Smith.

Here he parties with British tailor to the stars, Oswald Boateng.

I love to see him let loose.

Boris Honors Mandela

Boy, our boy has a busy schedule this month.

Here he is on June 25th attending a dinner celebrating his pal Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday in Hyde Park. The event also raised money for The Nelson Mandela Foundation and 46664, the global initiative benefitting the Nelson Mandela Foundation's work to fight the spread of AIDS.

He's so passionate.

Boris at IWC Laureus Polo Cup 2008

Ok. Seriously. This has to stop. Can this man get any hotter? When we figure out how to clone humans, I'll be first in line to get my own, personal BB#2!

Here he is in London on June 22nd at the IWC Laureus Polo Cup 2008.

IWC makes kickass watches for hotties like Boris and Laureus is the charitable foundation with the sports academy that includes 46 of the greatest living sporting legends, of which Becker, of course, is one.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Boris Out With The Boys

It's a been a while since we've seen the kids! The proud dad and his sons Noah and Elias attended the Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Garden Party on June 21st in London.

Looks like Noah is still rockin' the fro. Nice.

Boris Takes In Some Footy

Remember Euro 2008? Yes I'm way behind. Well, Boris took in a match, Austria vs. Germany on June 16th. And no, that's not another girlfriend, it's Elvira Netzer, wife of former footballer and current TV commentator Guenter Netzer.

Germany won this one and went on to the finals, but untimately lost to Spain on June 29th.

She does look quite happy to be in the company of our Boris, doesn't she?

Boris Does the Tango

Here he is in another one of those clever PokerStars commercials.