Sunday, November 11, 2007

Boris Becker Wins Again!

What Boris Becker wants, Boris Becker gets. And he doesn't waste any time either. As recently reported, Boris has been troubled by the way his daughter Anna was being consistently paraded in front of the media by her mother, "model" Angela Ermakova. He voiced his concerns in a courtroom in London on Wednesday and ultimately won joint custody of the seven year old.

Ermakova and Becker never had a proper visitation schedule and every time he wanted to spend time with his daughter, he had to seek Ermakova's premission to do so. Now he has won the right to unite all of his children on a regular basis. You can read the full story here. Game, set, match: Becker!!

Boris, with sons Noah, 13, Elias, eight and daughter Anna, seven.

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