Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Boris & Lily Splitsville???

And in a post that breaks my heart to write (really it does!) the Bangkok Post is reporting that Boris Becker has split from his Dutch model girlfriend Sharlely Kerssenberg!! Can it be true?? Read the full story here.

The article says it got the news from "friends of the former tennis star" and quotes Boris as telling Revue magazine "We came to realize in the course of time that we stood for different lifestyles. In such a situation you have to be honest with each other." Could this statement have been taken out of context?? Or been in reference to a previous relationship??

As reported here (wink) the couple were last seen together at the MTV Europe VMA's on November 1st. Since Boris has been jetting around the world with his ambassador self, I didn't really give much thought to why Lily wasn't with him.

Wow, think of all the great photo opps we have lost!! I wonder if Lily will now be captioned as "the former girlfriend of Boris Becker." Or if the media will continue taking photos of her at all? Haven't seen much of Caroline Rocher since she and BB split.

Looks like Boris is getting his priorities in order, since winning custody of his seven year old daughter Anna a couple weeks ago. And there is no mystery lady said to be waiting in the wings to hitch a ride on Becker's arm.

Sigh. I won't shed a tear yet, I'll wait until I get further confirmation before saying a final farewell to Lily. We might have to do a full photo retrospective on that one!

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